Trinity Multi-Academy Trust: our story

Trinity Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) began with a single, brand new school built in 2010 in the hills of north Calderdale. The new school was Trinity Academy Halifax and it had a very clear and challenging mission: to put an end to poor secondary school performance in the area. After more than a decade of disruptive behaviour, exclusion and underachievement, a fresh approach was essential, and the new leadership and staff teams were wholly committed to revolutionising learning and opportunities for every Trinity student.

Transforming schools from struggling…

From the very start, expectations at Trinity Academy Halifax were set high. This Church of England academy welcomed students of all faiths and none, inspiring everyone with its core values of Empathy, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility, rather than religious doctrine. Leaders and staff aspired to excellence for every student, with an emphasis on high quality teaching and a clear behaviour policy that enables calm classrooms and excellent learning.

… to outstanding!

In just three years, the Academy had transformed behaviour, teaching and learning, along with the future prospects of its students. An Ofsted inspection 2013 declared Trinity Academy Halifax to be outstanding in every area – student achievement, quality of teaching, safety and behaviour, leadership, management and overall effectiveness.

The Academy remains a bright and positive place in which students are well educated, well behaved and well cared for, too.

Building on success

Keen to help other struggling schools to make exceptional progress, Trinity Academy established Trinity Multi Academy Trust (Trinity MAT) in 2015. The trust, which now comprises six secondary, a Post-16 and three primary academies, is proving that its successful approach works in schools across the age range from nursery to sixth form.

We’re very excited to welcome Trinity Academy Brighouse to the Trinity MAT family!

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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