Trinity Academy Brighouse will be a ‘hub of excellence’ for maths and science, and will offer an extracurricular STEM activities programme, in addition to a strong focus on literacy and pastoral care for students.

We work to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging and challenging for all students.

Our aim is to develop young people into well-rounded citizens who are empathetic, honest, responsible and respectful at all times.

No excuses

Trinity MAT’s ‘no excuses’ culture places high quality teaching and learning above everything: we aspire to do the best for each student in our care. As a result, our students’ outcomes are exceptionally high.

Teaching and learning

We will employ the best teachers, continually developing their capacity to inspire young minds, ensure strong and deep learning and equip students for study or employment post-school.

A broad and balanced curriculum

The curriculum will be wide-ranging. It will focus particularly on literacy, science, technology and maths, all of which are vital in developing the skills and thinking needed by 21st century colleges, universities and employers.

Partnering businesses

Trinity MAT has a built excellent partnerships with businesses. Once Trinity Academy Brighouse begins to take shape, we will reach out to local businesses who can enrich our students’ experience and insights.

Trinity Scholars

Trinity Scholar students benefit from an additional investment of up to £6000

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